How to Clear Your Blocked Downpipe by Doing It Yourself

Having a clogged downpipe can be such a hassle. However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because there are simple ways to clear the block in your drain systems. 

Check out our do-it-yourself tips and tricks so that you can clear the block in your downpipe system yourself:

1. Inspect for Objects That Are Causing the Blockage

The first thing you need to do to resolve your blocked drainpipe is to look for any objects causing the blockage. Most plumbers do this, and it’s amazing how often they discover something as simple as a toy that has caused the blockage. Make sure you wear gloves while looking for the culprits, and while you’re at it, try to remove as much gunk and debris as you can to ensure your drainpipe is clear. 

2. Use a Garden Hose

A garden hose can also be your solution to clear your downpipe. Take off the bulky attachment at the end of your hose so you can easily insert it in your downpipe. Feed the house down the drain as far as it can go. Then, turn the water on in full force in a few moments so that the pressure can knock the blockage.

3. Try to Do a Bit of Banging

If the pressure from your garden hose didn’t work on the first try, try to bang your downpipe a little bit with your fist or a light rubber mallet. This way, the compacted debris or blockage can loosen, which will be easier to strike. After doing a little bit of banging, try to insert your garden hose again and turn the water on in full force. 

4. Push the Hose Up and Down

Another way to make your garden hose work is to push it up and down your drain pipe. This technique will also allow the blockage to loosen, so the stream of water can work its way. 

5. Use a Drain Rod

You can also use a drain rod to remove a blockage in your drainpipe. It’s perfect because the tool is really sturdy, and it delves further into your pipes. Drain rods, often called drain snakes, can help dislodge the blockage deep within your pipe system.

6. Try to Use a Gutter-Vac

Try to look or borrow a gutter-vac if you will remove the blockage yourself. It’s an effective tool to clear the jam because it’s a vacuum specially designed with wet-dry technology to suck out the sludgiest of the muck.  

7. Pour Some Chemicals

Another way you can try is to pour some chemicals or natural cleaners that you can buy from the supermarket. Chemicals can create a fizzing effect that can break drainage blockages apart. However, you have to be extremely careful because caustic chemicals are harmful to you, and toxic substances can get into your drains, which is not so ideal. 


Doing a DIY solution to clear the blockage in your downpipe can be helpful. But, if none of these remedies works, perhaps your downpipe already needs a replacement or repair. Consider hiring a professional plumber instead so that they can assess and resolve your drainpipe problems correctly. 

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