How to Know if Your Home’s Pipe Is Leaking: Our Guide

Have you ever been surprised when you found out that your home’s water bill suddenly increased? Be wary because you might have a leaking pipe. This issue has become a challenge for most homeowners because leaking pipes are rarely noticed. They often figure that their water lines have leakage once it has already caused a major problem.  

That said, we are here to help you catch leaking pipe problems early so you won’t end up having a high water bill for the month. 

Here’s how you can know if your home’s pipe is leaking:

1. There Are Visible Mould on Your Walls, Roof or Floors

Aside from the fact that mould is barely noticeable, most homeowners don’t really pay attention to it. However, mould can be a sign that something is wrong with your home’s pipe. It could appear in places outside of the shower or bath. But, if you find mould on your walls, roof or floors, there’s a higher chance that you have a leaky pipe on your hands. Check these areas once in a while to ensure there’s no leaking happening. 

2. There Is a Musty Smell

It’s uncommon for a house to have a musty smell. If you’ve noticed that there is this unappealing odour inside your home, your pipes might be leaking. A musty smell happens when the water has been sitting in one stagnant place for too long. This sign can also be related to the moulds found in your walls, floor or ceiling. If left untreated, the mould will have that musty smell over time, and you will see visible physical damage on the said areas. If you didn’t notice the mould, then the musty smell can be your sign to call for a plumber to check your pipe and repair it if necessary.

3. Your Walls, Floors or Ceilings Have Stains or Are Damaged

You should also look out if there are stains on your walls, floors or ceiling because these stains can become more serious once bubbling, wallpaper peeling or paint sagging are happening. While these physical damages can be caused by humidity, it’s best not to rule out that there may be a leaking pipe to prevent further damage. Get your pipes checked to be sure about the cause of the stains and physical damages on your walls, floors or ceiling.

4. Your Walls Have Cracks

If you’ve noticed that the walls in your home are suddenly developing wide cracks, you should be alarmed because a leaking pipe may cause that. While small cracks are common, especially if the house is already old, sudden widening cracks are not. The leakage in your home’s pipe may be affecting the foundation of your home, which can be dangerous. Once you notice that cracks are appearing suddenly on your walls, call an expert plumber immediately.


A leaking pipe problem may be the cause of your headache if you’ve not caught it early because it can give you extensive damage and inconvenience. If you don’t want that to happen, always monitor the areas we’ve mentioned here to prevent any damage from occurring. This way, you can also save yourself from paying an expensive water bill, so make sure you watch out for these leaking pipe signs.

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